Evan Belcher

Evan Belcher has served as the President, Music Director, and Co-Arranger for Mason Some Noise for three years. He’s currently a senior at George Mason University where he studies Computer Science and music.

Evan got his musical start in middle school band, where he picked up the clarinet. Throughout his seven years of band, Evan developed a strong sense of musicality and leadership — earning many high-esteemed accolades such as the John Phillip Sousa Band Award while developing a passion for directing, composing and arranging.

Evan joined Mason Some Noise at George Mason University during his first semester in 2016. At the time, the group was a fledgling ensemble which had only the rare performance – a far cry from the group of high standards and competitive aspirations that he and other new members envisioned. Evan constantly pushed for a higher level of quality, stepping up to aid in rehearsals, improve arrangements, and fill the group’s vocal percussion vacancy.

Going into his sophomore year, he took up the helm as the group’s President, Music Director, and Arranger. Under his three years of leadership, Mason Some Noise went from being a non-placing group in their first ICCA quarterfinal in 2018 to being one of the top groups in the Mid-Atlantic region in 2020 — Evan earning two Outstanding Arrangement awards as well as one for Outstanding VP in the process. The group has received a remarkable eight awards in its first three years of competition. Evan has been a huge catalyzing force in Mason Some Noise’s extraordinary growth and meteoric rise to the top of the Mid-Atlantic region, leading the group from humble beginnings to competitive success, exceptional musicianship, and high professionalism.

Through his experience as a Music Director and Arranger, Evan has honed his critical ear and musical instincts. He is a true jack-of-all-trades in the a cappella scene, with sizable experience and success in arranging, group leadership, competing, coaching, singing, beatboxing, and audio production .